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Beyond Type 1 participated in the revlon love is on million dollar challenge in September-october 2016! after a great six weeks we came in fourth, and got a 50K check from revlon! Here, i talk with Diabetes Mine about the challenge.

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"Tandem pump users join beyond type 1's global ambassadors council to raise $1 Million" Beyond Type 1 is participating in Revlon’s LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge, a competition where the non-profit that raises the most money wins $1 million. Beyond Type 1 has picked captains who use their media networks to raise awareness and funds for the team each day. Tandem pumpers are participating in full force!

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Juicebox Podcast

Juicebox Podcast is run by scott Benner, who's daughetr Arden was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 2. He launched the blog "arden's Day" in 2007 with the hope that it could help parents like him, and his juicebox podcast is a favorite in the diabetes community! Scott and I had a great time talking about diabetes advocacy, Beyond Type 1 and so much more!

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Beyond Type 1 got quite a buzz when they launched earlier this year with their “Living Beyond” Instagram campaign and “The Drop Spotted” on social media. Stacey talks with CEO Sarah Lucas about the ideas behind Beyond Type 1, and finds out how celebrities with diabetes like Sam Talbot and Nick Jonas became co-founders. Sarah’s daughter, Mary, is the community manager of Beyond Type 1. She shares her story and talks about what the community means to her.

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Neil Greathouse teamed up with Beyond Type 1 to produce this short film, Type1Day1. A collaborative video project, the film brings together original footage from around the US, along with crowdsourced messages of hope. Type1Day1 is a video for those experiencing their own first day, highlighting the strength of the T1D community that they are now a part of.

From Danielle the diabetes dominator - I can’t say enough good things about Mary Lucas. She is incredibly sweet, kind, genuine, wise beyond her years, and just an overall shining light in our diabetes community. It was a real pleasure getting to learn her story during our interview, and I think you will love getting to know her better too!

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